Change starts with you.
We’re here to help you enable it.
Girl with back facing image, staring across mountains during sunrise
Girl with back facing image, staring across mountains during sunrise

There’s so much potential in all of us. But it’s often hidden deep inside and we find ourselves in doubt, unable to act.

The good news is that we can change this unhealthy pattern and make a positive mindset shift.

See how it works

Change starts with you.
We’re here to help you enable it.

There’s so much potential in all of us. But it’s often hidden deep inside and we find ourselves in doubt, unable to act.

The good news is that we can change this unhealthy pattern and make a positive mindset shift.

See how it works
Girl with back facing image, staring across mountains during sunrise
About us

Why We Exist

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Every human being carries within them the path that leads to truth and wisdom.

Sometimes this path is revealed through the observation and reflection of events already encountered.

At other times it is discovered through new experiences and new information. We use both of those paths to help you embrace and grow your true self.

Those negative patterns you find yourself locked in. They can be changed!

There’s so much good in each and every one of us. There’s also lots of potential. Potential to drive positive change within and around us and lead more fulfilled lives. But this ability is often bottled deep inside of us caused by past traumas and patterns we’ve repeated all our lives.

The truth is, we all experience those, but the good news is that it is possible to make a mindset shift and stop feeling like a victim in our own circumstances.

We know because we’ve been there too. If you find yourself unable to make a change, we believe we can help you. And we’d like to do that using the original methods of Scientology and Dianetics.

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What We Do

The Change You Can Expect

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Become yourself again.

We carry a lot of strength and ability to rehabilitate ourselves, each of us has a freedom to regain it. We help foster this inner strength.
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Learn how to express yourself.

And as a result lead a more fulfilled life you deserve.
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Empower the good people around you

So that those toxic and negative ones loose power over you.
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Gain a fresh, new outlook on what Scientology is really all about

We’re here to overcome its bad reputation built over decades. We want to guide you to form your own opinion about what it is and could mean to your personal growth. Here's a documentary „The beginners guide to L. Ron Hubbard" we recommend to watch.
Five people running together into the sunset.
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Rediscover and emphasize your good abilities

Woman reflects on her Scientology methods during dusk staring across the hills
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Activate the right parts of your mind

win self determination
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Win your self-determination back

How we do it

Here’s how we’ll help you unlock your potential

We use Scientology methods that are free with no link whatsoever to the Scientology Church, which uses manipulative methods to gain power over people.

We believe those methods will help you communicate in a respectful and understanding way so that you can solve the problems you’re facing.

They will help you understand how the mind works, how to remove old patterns, and change what has built up in traumatic, invalidating moments in your life and that influences you still today.

The information that we help you uncover is not based on any mysticism or unknown sources. It’s what you already know, but have perhaps lost contact with.

We “team up” with you to work on the area you feel needs working on the most and we help you remove obstacles.

Uncover how the mind works. Remove old negative patterns. Contact us
Our Values

Principles we live by

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We’re open to anyone who wants to regain control of their life.

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We understand your unique situation. We do not judge.

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We Truly Connect

We develop deep connections with everyone we work with.

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We Aren’t Heroes

We are people who have gone through healing ourselves. We want to help you get there too.

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We are clear about the way we work. You can ask us anything about our methods anytime.

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We Are A Network

We’re here to help each other. There are no hierarchies in our organization.

What others say

Here’s what people like you say about us

When I discovered the methods of Scientology, my life was a big question mark. Many times I felt overwhelmed by everything that was happening.

This has changed a lot. I understand much better why I reacted the way I did and why people reacted to me the way they did. Life can be much easier and joy and happiness are there, if you are able to reach out for it. And that’s a good feeling!


15 years ago (I was 42 years old then) I had a severe crisis – a big surgery ahead of me and the feeling that my life would break apart. I joined Scientology – reluctantly at first – participated in auditing and did other scientology training.

My life improved significantly: my ability to handle everything that comes along has improved and I feel joyful and positive. The advantage of starting so late is that you can really compare how life was before Scientology. My level of gratitude is high!”


I started auditing because I felt restricted. My whole life I knew that there was something that was blocking me. And I wanted to get rid of that, so I just gave auditing a try.

It helped me get outside of my own head and get more involved with life. As a result, my friendships improved, relationships got stronger, I picked up my passions, and created my own work. It’s not that I somehow became a different person, I just feel like a stronger version of myself who can freely choose and act without feeling restrained. In my opinion, if you are looking for a practical method of self-improvement, Free Scientology is for you.

Frequently asked questions

Debunk common myths about Scientology

What is Scientology?

The word Scientology is composed of the Latin word „scire“, which means knowing in the fullest meaning of the word, and the Greek word „logos“ for study of. Scientology is a philosophy that was developed by L. Ron Hubbard which has its roots in Buddhist and other Eastern as well as Western schools of thought. Great emphasis is placed on functionality and applicability. Scientology is a philosophy of knowledge which aims to offer people ways and means of finding their way back to themselves and their own strengths.

What are the goals of Scientology?

The main goal of Scientology is to gradually rehabilitate the person as a spiritual being with all of his/her abilities. By rehabilitation we mean that every being basically has many abilities and goals that might have got lost on the way. But they are still existing and can be brought back. This concept you also find in Buddhism as the buddha-nature within every being. By working with Scientology methods a person can get back to his or her real nature and strength. That is what it is all about.

What is the Ron's Org?

In 1984 one of Hubbard's close and long-standing colleagues, Bill Robertson, founded the Free Zone in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Far removed from the sect-like Church of Scientology, he proclaimed the free usage of Scientology without the dogmatism of the Church of Scientology. His idea was to create a spiritual space in which people could autonomously learn and apply the knowledge of Scientology in accordance with its original intention. It was important to him to replace any kind of hierarchical structure with new working methods. The resulting network structure exists to this day in the Ron's Orgs.

The Ron's Org arose from the Free zone. We wanted to position ourselves within the broad range of possibilities and define what we stand for: we only use the original materials by L. Ron Hubbard as well as materials by Bill Robertson, which are based on Hubbard's materials. We are a network of Free Scientologists who work together across three continents. Every person who understands that Scientology is not the same thing as the Church of Scientology makes us extremely happy.

For us the application of Scientology methods means to offer opportunities for personal growth. Our experience also shows that individuals who work with us discover more self-autonomy. And that is what it is all about. We focus only on the practical application of knowledge. Every person already carries the knowledge within himself – he simply has to rediscover it.

What is the difference between the Ron's Org and the Church of Scientology?

The Church of Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard to create an organisational framework for training and application of the Scientology methods. Hubbard increasingly withdrew himself from the management level to dedicate his time to further research. The Church of Scientology has since been managed by a board that has consistently steered the entire organisation further away from its original objective to bring more freedom and self-determination to beings.

The Church of Scientology claims to hold all rights to the works of L. Ron Hubbard and tries to stop the use of this philosophy beyond the Church's sphere of control. Furthermore the original technology has been continuously modified over time and the members of the Church of Scientology often find themselves living in a strictly controlled situation.

We that work within the Ron's Org network differentiate clearly between the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard and the sect-like organisation of the Church of Scientology. We stand in the middle of society and don't want to separate ourselves from it. Our intention is not to control society with our philosophy but to contribute to it. We want to bring more awareness, cognitions, inner peace and self-determination.

The methods of L. Ron Hubbard were created to help and empower people. The Church of Scientology changed and misused the techniques against people seeking help.

How is the Ron's Org structured?

The main point to be able to take over an organisation is its hierarchical structure. The Church of Scientology had such a structure, lost control and ended up in a suppressive system.

When Bill Robertson founded the Free Zone in 1984 he postulated a network structure with different groups that work together on a friendly, voluntary basis, offering auditing and training. The Ron's Orgs work exactly that way, having groups that are independent but connected in order to exchange experience and provide for improvement.

What is Auditing and how does it work?

The termin auditing comes from the Latin word audire = listen. That is also the core concept of this method. It is the interplay between active listening, the auditor and the person who is being audited. The aim of auditing is to first call up stored experience from the reactive mind with a question or instruction. The question serves as a trigger that re-stimulates old experiences. If this is communicated to the auditor you feel released from the misemotion and charge.

Auditors are trained to guide you through an experience while remaining absolutely neutral. They do not express any comments, judgements or personal views, which enables you to truly observe your own conception of the situation that has been triggered. It is your own experience and no one else can or should judge or evaluate it for you.

How does Scientology define the soul?

The soul of a human being is the individual itself. It is you yourself, not your body, not your brain or your mind. Scientology wants to help you connect with your true self again.

Does Scientology believe in Karma?

In Scientology you will encounter cause and effect from the very beginning. Causing damaging effects makes yourself vulnerable. In auditing you are cleaning up past unwanted effects (which have an effect on your future) and you learn to be causative and just.

Is it necessary to be committed to a group in order to make Scientology?

Absolutely not. You are an individual and we go for your individual needs. You can work with Scientology in many ways, you can read a book, you can take a course, you can take auditing sessions. You don't have to join a group in order to get auditing. Our goal is to make you more causative, restoring you as the creator of your own life.